Drakensberg Lodges

An introduction to Drakensberg lodges

Drakensberg Lodges
Three Tree Lodge

Lodges are accommodation establishments either located in wilderness areas or on the outskirts of such areas. They could also be described as very luxurious ’boutique hotels’. Lodges tend to provide an all exclusive experience, which include the provision of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Furthermore, the rooms are usually beautifully appointed but have a rustic appeal. Moreover, they often have large windows, patios and often plunge pools to enable guests to appreciate the beautiful scenary that surrounds them.

Additionally, they have large lounges, often with a library of books. Beautifully appointed dining room areas and unique bars. Sometimes, they have a boardroom or a small conference facility for executives to brainstorm their annual strategies.

Drakensberg Lodges:  Drakensberg Lodge

Guests pampering includes the provision of the best wine, whisky and other forms of liquor. Professional chefs prepare the meals and normally include a wide range of options and courses. Some lodges even offer dinners under the stars. Additionally, lodges often have a spa, where guests can have their ‘stress ridden lives’ massaged away.

Moreover, lodges usually have specialist guides that can take you on tours during the day and provide you with spell bounding stories around a bonfire at night.

Lodges often located in historical buildings have an interesting heritage.

Drakensberg Lodges
Mackaya Bella Lodge

Some Drakensberg LODGES

The Drakensberg and surrounding area of South Africa have a range of world-class lodges. The following are good examples

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