Drakensberg Newsletter – “Drakensberg Times”


This is a Drakensberg e-newsletter. Drakensberg news to improve the knowledge of the tourism trade or tour operators, professional conference organisers, and incentive organisers.

Additionally, reading for the individual tourist interested in visiting the Drakensberg.

This e-publication introduces the broad tourism offering of the Drakensberg.

Therefore, various topics are addressed.

  • Firstly, introducing the Drakensberg as an ideal destination for conferences, incentives, exhibitions and other events;
  • Furthermore, the fact that the Drakensberg and surrounding area are ideal for tour packages for small to large leisure tourism groups;
  • Also, regular articles on hiking in the Drakensberg;
  • Moreover, articles on San heritage in the Drakensberg;
  • Furthermore, details on regular events, upcoming events and things to do in the Drakensberg;
  • Recommendations regarding towns and villages to visit in the area surrounding the Drakensberg; and
  • Additionally, various ad-hoc and topical matters in this region; and
  • Lastly, a detailed directory of tourism suppliers in the area.

This publication is distributed to:

  • Firstly, SATSA-accredited inbound tour operators in South Africa;
  • KwaZulu-Natal-based professional conference and exhibition organisers;
  • Southern African incentive organisers;
  • Southern African associations; and
  • Finally, South Africans in the significant South African tourism-generating regions.

If you want to advertise in this publication, please contact James Seymour at james@cathkinmanagement.com.

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SUMMER 2022/2023

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