Drakensberg Weather

Drakensberg weather: Winter

This section provides an overview of average Drakensberg weather in the Central and Northern areas. The South African and KwaZulu-Natal part of the Drakensberg experiences a very mild climate. However, it can be sweltering in summer reaching temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius and dropping to chilly lows below 0 degrees. Also, the weather in the upper Drakensberg is notably unpredictable and hikers, trail runners and mountaineers must always be prepared for extreme heat or extreme cold.

Moreover, when hiking always carry sufficient water and ensure that you are at least taking a space blanket and ideally a bivy and poncho. Additionally, carry extra food in case you get caught in the mist or a snowstorm. Some hikers get stuck on the escarpment for days.

Spring and Autumn Drakensberg weather is particularly pleasant. The days are warm and clear. Also, the nights are cool.  Furthermore, Summer brings spectacular thunderstorms. If you caught in a thunderstorm, attempt to get to a grove of trees, do not stand under a singular, isolated tree. At worst, squat over a piece of insulating material and cover yourself with a poncho.

Winter, is dry, with the occasional snowstorm and frost. Ensure that you carry a special winter sleeping bag if you are hiking in the high berg and that you have the right boots and clothes for a snowstorm. A bivy is a must!

The following table provides a useful overview of Drakensberg Weather.

Drakenberg Weather – Bergville Averages

Item January February March April May June July August September October November December
Avg. Temp 20.8 20.5 19.3 16.6 13.2 10 10.1 12.6 15.7 17.5 18.8 20.2
Min. Temp 14.8 14.5 13.2 9.8 5.3 1.5 1.6 4.3 8 10.6 12.4 14
Max. Temp 26.9 26.5 25.5 23.4 21.1 18.5 18.7 21 23.5 24.5 25.3 26.5
Avg. Rainfall mm 132 106 91 46 16 8 9 21 36 70 97 128


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