Berg Times Summer 2019/2020

Introduction to the Berg Times Summer 2019/2020

Berg Times: Summer 2019/2020 edition

Click on the following link for the Summer 2019/ 2020 edition of Berg Times. This publication is intended to keep the tourism trade aware of the latest developments in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. It is also useful for the general public.

Berg Times – Summer 2019/2020 edition


Firstly, The Tale of the San: A unique element of an incentive or meeting. Different stories regarding a tourism destination and the use of specialist orators who have the art of telling such tales are a critical element of successful meetings and incentives. The Drakensberg is fortunate to be unique in the sense that it has the most extensive and perhaps most exceptional repository of rock art in the world. A core reason why this beautiful mountain range received world heritage site status.

Secondly, What to do on a rainy day in the Drakensberg.

Also, The community of Estcourt and some of the famous skirmishes that took place in the Giants Castle area. This article introduces the reader to the important town of Estcourt. It borders the Giants Castle region of the Central Drakensberg. An overview is provided of the famous Battle of Willow Grange site, Fort Durnford and other tourism attractions in the area.

Moreover, An overview of some of the conference venues in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. This is a continuation of a series of articles that introduces South Africans to the conference facilities of The Nest Hotel and AHA Alpine Heath.

Additionally, Some key summer 2019/2020 events. An overview of the key events taking place in summer 2019/2020.

Some breathtaking Drakensberg Hikes – Injisuthi to Monks Cowl. A synopsis of this well trodden trail of some 20 km from the Injisuthi Camp of the Central Drakensberg to Monks Cowl. It is a spectacular hike with magnificent views of some of the key peaks of the Central Drakensberg.

Some key tips to consider when taking a walk or longer hike.

Slacking in the Giants Castle Area. Introduction to the concept of slackpacking and the efforts of three leading accommodation establishments in this area to introduce this activity to the Giant’s Castle area of KwaZulu-Natal.

Lastly, A directory of tourism services in the Central and Northern Drakensberg.


Spring 2019 Edition of Berg Times


Berg Times

This section provides a link to the Spring Edition of Berg Times.

“Berg Times” is a Drakensberg e-newsletter or a Drakensberg Newletter. Furthermore, developed to improve the knowledge of the tourism trade or tour operators, professional conference organisers, and incentive organisers.

Secondly, it is useful reading for the the individual tourist who is interested in visiting the Drakensberg. So download this edition.


The Drakensberg: A Distinctive Incentive Destination. Incentives and team building activities are once again being utilised by corporates and significant organisations to motivate their staff to increase their levels of productivity. However, the nature of incentives is changing. There is an increasing trend to incorporate social and environmentally responsible elements into incentive programmes. Also, there a tendency towards ‘boutique’ or smaller incentive groups. Moreover, to make use of alternative and value for money accommodation options. However, the experience still needs to be novel and ideally unique.

What to do on a rainy day.

Some breathtaking Drakensberg Hikes – Gray’s Pass. An introduction to this access route to the central area of the Drakensberg escarpment. This is a hike that should ideally be undertaken over a period of three days.

Some key tips to consider when taking a walk or longer hike.

The community of Ladysmith and the famous siege of this town.. A synopsis of the key attractions of Ladysmith and the siege of this town during The South African War.

Some regular events.

In the steps of the San: Main Cave. An overview of this famous rock art shelter that is open to the public. Located in the Giants Castle Camp area.

The Okahlamba Multi-purpose centre. A continuation of the series of articles that provide meeting planners with an overview of the key conference centres in the Northern and Central Drakensberg.

Some Key Spring 2019 Events.

Drakensberg weather

Tourism services related directory. A detailed listing of tourism service providers in the Central and Northern Drakensberg.


The Drakensberg’s 2019 Spring Events

The following is a list of upcoming Spring Events in the Northern and Central Drakensberg. In addition, other events that will be taking place over the next few months are also indicated. Please note the regular events at the end of this list:

4th – 6th Oct: Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush
8th – 10th Oct: Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush Great Midweek
12th – 13th: Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush 2 day
26th Oct: Collaborative Charity Golf Day, Goodersons Monks Cowl Golf Resort, to support Rural Education. Jennifer: 0837026309

2nd – 3rd Nov: Dumbe Trail Run at Drakensberg Mountain Retreat
2nd – 3rd Nov: Trail Warrior 4. At Cayley Lodge
2nd Nov: Winterton Street Festival. Ronel 0845678802
15th November: Winterton Pre-Primary School Golf Day at Champagne Sports Resort.
Enquiries: 0364881218
21st Nov – 1st Dec: Drakensberg Extravaganza in Bergville. Sphe 0743519032

6th – 8th Dec: Christmas in The Berg at Drakensberg Boys Choir School
29th – 31st Dec: Smoking Dragon New Year’s Festival. Amphitheatre Backpackers

30th Apr- 3 May: Music in the Mountains at Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School 0364681012

Regular Events

Every Wednesday during Term time the Drakensberg Boys Choir Wednesday Concerts – Every Wednesday during the school term at the Drakensberg Boys Choir School – Info: 036 468 1012. Ticket Bookings:;
Every Saturday: Winterton park run at 8 am at The Waffle Hut. Cannibal’s Cave park run at 8 am at Lizzie’s Store near Royal Natal National Park;
Every Tuesday: 7 am in summer and 8 am in Winter Champagne Valley Walking Club.
Cathkin Trails for Mountain Bikers and Trail Runners:
Remember to pay your way to get your wristband. No Helmet, no ride! Remember to sign the indemnity. For more info, visit our Facebook page. Enjoy the trails.
The Cathbrew Trail Run takes place on the last Friday of each month at 17.00 in summer and 16.30 in winter.
(Source: Ann Gray)

Special thanks to Ann Gray for this list of events.

Winter 2019 Berg Times

Introduction to Winter 2019 Berg Times

This section provides a dedicated link to the Winter 2019 Berg Times. Berg Times a publication, produced by Cathkin Booking and Management Services. Furthermore, this periodical aims to provide tour operators, incentive organisers, professional conference organisers and individual tourists with insights into the latest developments in the Northern and Central Drakensberg area, as well its surrounds such as the KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields. Furthermore, a useful read for tourists or potential tourists to this area.

Winter 2019 Berg Times
Winter 2019 Berg Times


  • The Drakensberg: A Distinctive Incentive Destination. A detailed overview of how the Drakensberg can be packaged for incentive programmes and motivational meetings;
  • Regular feature on what to do on a rainy day;
  • Moreover, a description of the Gray’s Pass hike;
  • Also, hiking tips for the Drakensberg;
  • An introduction to Ladysmith and the famous siege of this town during The South African War;
  • Some regular events. These include the Wednesday concerts of the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, Champagne Valley Walking Club hikes and Saturday Parkruns;
  • A description of Main Cave in the Giants Castle area. This is one of the few sites where the public can marvel at the artistic ability of the San when they lived in the Drakensberg Mountains. Some 500 examples of their frescos are found in this cave. It also includes an outdoor museaum. A guide provides you with an interpretation of the rock art.;
  • Furthermore, an overview of San Rock Protocol to assist in preserving the rich heritage of these people;
  • The Okahlamba Multi-Purpose Centre. The Okahlamba Local Municipality has a substantial multi-purpose conference and sports venue. The plenary venue is over is over 1,500m2. The plenary venue that can seat more than 2,000 delegates in theatre style;
  • Finally a directory of tourism service providers in the Central and Northern Drakensberg.

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Berg Times Autumn 2019

Introduction to Berg Times Autumn 2019

Berg Times Autumn 2019
Autumn 2019 Edition of Berg Times

This section provides a dedicate link to the Berg Times Autumn 2019. ” Berg Times” a publication, produced by Cathkin Booking and Management Services. This periodical aims to provide tour operators, incentive organisers, professional conference organisers and individual tourists with insights into the latest developments in the Northern and Central Drakensberg area, as well its surrounds such as the KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields.


Firstly, The Drakensberg: An African Adventure Capital. This article outlines how the Central and Northern Drakensberg have transformed themselves into one of Africa’s most important centres for adventure tourism. This area has dedicated mountain bike and trail running trails, the largest concentration of hikes in South Africa and so much more.

Also, an overview as to what tourists can, do on a rainy day.

Regular Northern and Central Drakensberg Events an important feature of “Berg Times”.

A detailed article on the hike to Cleo’s Falls and the San burial sites in that area.

A reminder to the reader of the importance of San Rock Art Protocol and the need to preserve these magnificent frescos.

Furthermore, there a section dedicated to conferencing in the Drakensberg. The fact that Champagne Valley or Cathkin Park is regarded as South Africa’s conferencing valley is introduced.

Moreover, a synopsis of the Battle of Willow Grange and the Winston Churchill Capture Site. The Battle of Willow Grange was the first battle fought in the South African War or Second Anglo-Boer War. These sites are on the fringe of the Central and Northern Drakensberg.

An introduction to the village of “Weenen”, the place of weeping. An explanation as to how this hamlet received this title.

The Drakensberg as an ideal incentive destination.

The key Autumn 2019 events of the Central and Northern Drakensberg.

Moreover, a description of some key Cathedral Peak day walks.

A detailed directory of Northern and Central Drakensberg tourism service providers

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“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

Cathkin Peak, Sterkhorn and The Dragon’s Back (Source: James Seymour

Jack Kerouac, who was born on March 12, 1922, and lived to October 21, 1969, was an American author and poet. He coined the phrase, “Because, in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” This phrase is particularly apt for the South African Drakensberg mountains. A favourite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

It is also a special world heritage site – only one of some twenty to have received this accolade on two counts. Firstly, as a result of the fact that it is the world’s most significant repository of rock art. Secondly, as certain animal and plant species only exist in this escarpment. It is also one of the world’s most significant examples of an erosional mountain. South Africa’s highest peaks are also found in this area. Good examples being Mafadi, Injisuthi, The Buttress, Cathkin Peak and Champagne Castle.

Some of his famous novels include:

  • On the road;
  • Big sur;
  • Desolation angels; and
  • Mexico City blues.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to this beautiful mountain range each year. Thousands each weekend and many thousands over school holiday periods, to break away from the monotony of work.

Their favourite pursuits include adventure tourism pursuits such as hiking, trail running, zip-lining, mountaineering, mountain biking, scootours, e-biking, abseiling, hot air ballooning and horse riding. Some play more formal sports such as golf, tennis,rugby or bowls. they also include avid cultural lovers who visit San Rock Art sites, a micro-brewery, a wine estate, battlefield sites and craft centres. Also, to listen to the word famous Drakensberg Boys Choir. While others choose to just relax in the garden of an accommodation establishment and just to gaze up at the beautiful ‘Dragon Mountains’.

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Hiking to Cleos Falls: Link to Heln Keller
Hiking to Cleo’s Falls (Source: James Seymour)

Introduction to Helen Keller

Hellen Keller was a particularly special American author. She formulated the phrase, ” “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” She was the first deaf and blind individual to secure an academic degree in the USA.

Some of her famous novels were the ‘Frost King’ and her autobiography ‘The Story of My Life’.

Adventure pursuits in the drakensberg

The Drakensberg can be regarded as one of the adventure tourism centres of South Africa.

For example there are a number of key adventure related events such as trail runs and mountain bike vents that take place in the Valley each year. A good example is the “Polar Bear” swim where some 100 swimmers dare to swim across the Dragon Peaks Dam. One of the largest gathering of gliders is the “Wave Camp” that takes place at Berg Air every August. Both the Northern and Central Drakensberg have a Park Run on a Saturday morning. In addition their is a “Cathbrew” run once a month from Berg Air.

Winterton Parkrun: Helen Keller
Winterton Parkrun (Source: Ann Gray)

Some of the key adventure pursuits that you can enjoy in the Northern and Central Drakensberg are:

  • Firstly, hiking. The Drakensberg has the highest concentration of hikes in South Africa. Some popular hikes include Gray’s Pass, the Thukela Gorge Hike, The Chain Ladder, Ribbon Falls, The Blue Grotto, Mnweni Pools, Mike’s Pass and The Blue Grotto;
  • Also, Mountain Biking and Trail Running. There are a number of dedicated trail running and mountain biking circuits in this area. A good example is the 20 km circuit that starts at Berg Air in the Champagne/ Cathkin Valley (Cathkin Park) area;
  • Additionally, hot Air Ballooning. There are two operators in this area;
  • Furthermore, mountaineering. Cathkin Peak and Monks Cowl are but two peaks that are often climbed by mountaineers;
  • Then, E-biking. This trail starts at Berg Air;
  • Scootours;
  • Horse riding. Two important centres for Horse riding at the Dragon Peaks Resort and Drakensberg Sun;
  • Abseiling training at Dragon Peaks resort;
  • White River Rafting;
  • Zip-Lining at Canopy Tours, Dragon Peak Resorts and Four River Adventures;
  • Helicopter Flips from Cathedral Peak and Dragon Peaks Resort; and
  • Paint Ball.

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The first Drakensberg Application for accommodation and experiences

Drakensberg Application
introduction to the first Drakensberg Application for accommodation and experiences

Download the first Drakensberg Application for accommodation and experiences in this area. You may find this application for for the Drakensberg useful.

an overview of the drakensberg application

This application provides an overview of Cathkin Booking and Management Services. This is an agency that aims to provide you with a personalised booking service to ensure that you are able to secure accommodation that really meets your needs and the Drakensberg experiences you have read about.

Furthermore, it provides a photo gallery and a series of video clips of the Central and Northern Drakensberg. Moreover, it provides you with a downloadable map. Also useful travel tips and links to and booking forms for accommodation in the area.

Download using the following barcode:

Bar Code

Alternatively, use Google Play store and look for the Drakensberg .


“ Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert.

The Devil's tooth and toothpick. (Source: James Seymour)
The Devil’s tooth and toothpick. (Source: James Seymour)

Introduction to Gustave Flaubert

Gustave Flaubert, is regarded as one of the most important proponents of the concept of literary realism. This is a belief that authors should attempt to describe issues as they are or as realistically as possible. He was a French novelist that lived over the period of 1821 to 1880.

key works

  • Firstly, Rêve d’enfer (1837);
  • Secondly, Memoirs of a Madman (1838);
  • Also, Madame Bovary (1857);
  • Salammbô (1862);
  • Sentimental Education (1869);
  • Le Candidat (1874);
  • The Temptation of Saint Anthony (1874);
  • Three Tales (1877);
  • Le Château des cœurs (1880);
  • Bouvard et Pécuchet (1881);
  • Dictionary of Received Ideas (1911); and
  • Finally, Souvenirs, notes et pensées intimes (1965).


The Drakensberg is the most significant escarpment or mountain range in Southern Africa. It was almost declared a World Heritage site on a third count as it is one of the world’s best examples of an erosional mountain. Moreover, the Drakensberg is an escarpment. It borders the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and three South African provinces namely, parts of the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Mpumalanga. It stretches for some one thousand kilometres. The most extensive section of more than 300 km can be found in KwaZulu-Natal. The highest peaks in Southern Africa are found in the Drakensberg, For example the highest peak is Thabana Ntlenyana in Lesotho. This peak rises to 3,482 metres. The highest peak in South Africa is Mafadi at 3,450 metres.

The Origins of the drakensberg

A volcanic plume under southern Gondwanaland caused bulging of the continental crust in the area that would later become southern Africa, some 180 million years ago, Rift valleys formed on either side of the central bulge approximately 20 million years ago. These became flooded to become the proto-Atlantic and proto-Indian oceans. The stepped and steep walls of these rift valleys formed escarpments. These surrounded the newly formed Southern African subcontinent. Southern Africa then became tectonically quiet. Earthquakes seldom occur.


San Rock Art and the efforts of KZN Wildlife’s Honorary Officers to preserve this treasure

San Rock Art
Eland’s Cane (Photo: James Seymour)

The San were one of the last Late Stone Age people to live in South Africa. They were hunters and gatherers, who had a keen ability to live sustainably from their natural environment. The debate continues regarding the San’s exact origin. But, they, together with a pastoral people, the Khoikhoi herders, were the earliest modern human groups to live in South Africa. They were living in South Africa thousands of years before the arrival of the peoples from Central Africa. Finally the colonialists from Europe. One of the most significant areas where small bands of San lived were the Drakensberg mountains.

the demise of the san in the drakensberg

The ability of the San to survive was challenged on two occasions. Firstly, in skirmishes with the Iron age Nguni peoples. Finally, the Europeans. Unfortunately, a large number of the San were driven out of the Drakensberg and South Africa. The San have existed in the Drakensberg up until the early 1900’s. A fresh bow and quiver was found on a high ledge in Eland Cane in 1930.  Another explanation for their disappearance is that they integrated with the surrounding Nguni tribes. Traces of Bushman genes were found in 1931 when 3 old graves were excavated in Gabar’s grave and taken to Wits University for further examination. The bones were found to be an admixture of Bushman and Nguni and showed signs of cannibalism. The San continue to exist in the Kalahari Desert of Namibia. In the 1950s, several thousand San people were still hunting large game with poisoned arrows and gathering plant food in this area. One group, the IKung, lived in an area called Nyae Nyae (pronounced ny ny, rhyming with high), near the border between Namibia and Botswana.

san rock art

The San were masters of artistic expression on rock faces. Art critics have revered their ability to express human animation, their religious and day-to-day activities, and nature through art. The largest concentration of rock art and specifically San Rock art are found in the Drakensberg mountains, with over 30,000 examples of this art have been found in rock caves and overhangs in this region. Most of it is protected from normal public visitation, although there are some important areas, where it is possible to view the paintings of these maestros, good examples being Main Cave, in the
Giants Castle Camp and through a daily guided hike to Battle Cave in the Injasuti Camp area.

preservation of this rock art

It is a tireless job, to try and protect the many examples of San Rock Art in the Drakensberg. This task has largely been taken on by a group of volunteers, who try to assist the under-staffed Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the nature conservation agency of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal and Amafa AkwaZulu Natalithe cultural conservation agency. These volunteers are known as KZN Wildlife’s Honorary Officers.

One of their tasks is to meticulously monitor the state of San Rock art sites in the Drakensberg and remove man-made obstacles and litter from these sites.  Please watch the video, “In the steps of the San”, on YouTube.


  • only AMAFA registered open sites may be visited;
  • visits are with the approval of the custodian of the site. Custodians are the landowners or other appointed bodies (e.g. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife) who have a responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the site.
  • visitors must be accompanied by an AMAFA registered guide, and
  • no more than 8 people may enter the site at a time

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