Drakensberg and Surrounds: Bed and Breakfast Establishments

The Drakensberg and surrounds Bed and Breakfast Establishments of the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa are varied and excellent. These establishments are accommodation venues that provide comfortable accommodation. Bed and breakfast are included in the daily tariff. Very often, Bed and Breakfast venues offer dinner and lunch on request. Moreover, many of them offer a self-catering option. Please fill out the accommodation request form for more information.

Drakensberg Bed and Breakfast establishments are very different from the Bed and Breakfast establishments that you encounter in Europe. Moreover, they are more like ’boutique hotels’. You can expect exceptional service and comfortable facilities.

Also, these facilities are in close vicinity to the principal attractions of the Drakensberg. These include:

  • Firstly, hiking trails, especially from Monks Cowl, Cathedral Peak and Royal Natal Camps;
  • Fishing in locations such as Bell Park Dam;
  • Mountaineering. Peaks such as Monks Cowl and Cathkin Peak are popular climbs;
  • Also, Zip-lines;
  • Mountain and trail running circuits;
  • Craft centres;
  • Museums;
  • Abseiling;
  • E-bikes;
  • Scootours;
  • Helicopter flips;
  • Mountaineering;
  • Excellent eateries and pubs;
  • Hot air ballooning;
  • White river rafting;
  • Horse riding;
  • A chocolate factory;
  • A wine estate;
  • A home brewery;
  • Farm stalls;
  • A reptile park;
  • A bird park;
  • A bee and honey tour;
  • Battlefield sites of the like of Spionkop and Willow Grange;
  • San Rock Art Sites open to the public. Firstly, Battle Cave at Injisuthi Camp and Main Cave at Giants Castle;
  • The Drakesnberg Boys Choir Concerts, usually on Wednesday afternoons; and
  • Major events such as the ‘Polar Bear Swim’  and ‘Music in the Mountains.”

List of Drakensberg bed and breakfast establishments

Firstly, Bell Park Bed and Breakfast

Drakensberg holiday accommodation. Some of South Africa's finest.
Bell Park B&B (Source: Bell Park B&B)














Secondly, Easby Bed and Breakfast

Easby B&B and Wedding Venue (Source Easby B&B)









Easby B&B and Wedding Venue (Source Easby B&B)

Little Acres Bed and Breakfast

Drakensberg Bed and Breakfast Establishments
Little Acres (Source: Little Acres)

Berghouse and Cottages


Berghouse and Cottages: Drakensberg Bed & Breakfast
PheZulu: Berghouse and Cottages

Clivia Hill Guest Cottage

Drakensberg Bed and Breakfast Establishments: Clivia Guesthouse
Clivia Guesthouse

ATKV Drakensville Resort

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