Drakensberg Times – Spring 2022

Click on the following link for the Spring 2022 edition of Drakensberg Times. Drakensberg Times is intended to keep the tourism trade aware of the latest developments in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. It is also useful for the general public.



Drakensberg’s Butterflies

The Drakensberg is a paradise for the ‘Butterfly Spotter’ or Lepidopterists. Observe many of South Africa’s estimated 801 butterfly types or taxa in this region.

Dating Drakensberg San Rock Art

Archaeologists use a fascinating technique known as Carbon-14 dating to determine the age of artefacts they discover on an ‘archaeological dig’.

Drakensberg’s Basket Weavers

Basket Weaving is an art practised skillfully by many Zulu-speaking women in the Drakensberg. It is a tradition handed down from generation to generation.

Mike’s Pass Hike

Follow one of two routes to reach the top of Mike’s Pass. The first starts at the Didima Reception or from Cathedral Peak Hotel and follows a path more or less perpendicular to these venues.

The Paperbark Acacia

Acacia trees are an iconic symbol of Africa. The Paperbark Acacia or Vachellia sieberiana welcomes tourists as they enter the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and lowlands of the Drakensberg.

The Rock Art Research Institute

The Rock Art Research Institute of the University of Witwatersrand is one of the leading research institutes for rock art research.

Sterkspruit Waterfall Viewing Site

Under Roy Strydom’s leadership, the Monks-Cowl Honorary Officer Group recently helped restore the Sterkspruit Falls Viewing Site. Sterkspruit Falls is the most leisurely walk in the Monks Cowl Camp area of Central Drakensberg.