Drakensberg Times – Winter 2022

Click on the following link for the Winter 2022 edition of Drakensberg Times. Drakensberg Times is intended to keep the tourism trade aware of the latest developments in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. It is also useful for the general public. Drakensberg News. A Drakensberg Newsletter.



Drakensberg Frogs

The Drakensberg has a fascinating community of frogs. Frogs are the only amphibians that are found in this region.

Drakensberg’s Geology

An extended period of sedimentation, volcanic flow, massive continental upliftment and ultimately, the erosion of the thick volcanic cap of basalt defined the geology of the Drakensberg.

The gastronomic delights of the Drakensberg

Visitors to the Drakensberg are never disappointed by the vast array of coffee shops, pubs, eateries and caterers in this region.

Drakensberg photographer – Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts is a Howick-based professional photographer and traveller. He is renowned for his images of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and Drakensberg.

Battle Cave Hike

This walk is one of Drakensberg’s most fascinating hikes as it includes a visit to the Battle Cave shelter, just below the Lower Injisuthi Cave and just after the turn to Fergy’s Cave.

The Drakensberg Cycad

The Drakensberg Cycad is a living fossil that has existed for some 250 million years.

Mazel’s critical contribution to the study of the Drakensberg San

Aron Mazel is one of the more recent theorists that has written extensively regarding the Drakensberg San. He worked for many years as an archaeologist in South Africa.