Drakensberg Times – Summer 2022/ 2023

Click on the following link for Summer 2022/ 2023 edition of Drakensberg Times. Drakensberg Times is intended to keep the tourism trade aware of the latest developments in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. It is also useful for the general public. Drakensberg News. Drakensberg Newsletter.

Drakensberg Times Summer 2022/ 2023


Drakensberg Rockjumper

The Drakensberg Rockjumper or Orange-breasted Rockjumper is endemic to South Africa.

The origin of the San

Recent genetic research undertaken by the University of Pretoria shows that modern man or Homo Sapiens Sapiens may have originated from the Okavango and Zambezi Basin areas in Southern Africa. However, archaeologists also concur that Homo Sapiens originated in Eastern or Southern Africa.

Lutheran Mission Stations of the Central Drakensberg – Emmaus

The Berlin Missionary Society (BMS) was a German Protestant or Lutheran Christian missionary society that was constituted on 29 February 1824 by Prussian nobles.

Drakensberg Trees – Outhout

Ouhout or Old Wood (Leucosidea sericea) is a common small tree or shrub found in the Lower Drakensberg. The trunk and branches are rough or gnarled and reddish brown.

Brandwag Buttress Hike

The Brandwag Buttress Hike is in the Golden Gate National Park. This circular route hike starts at the park’s main camp, Glen Reenen. Follow the signposts and ascend the buttress to the lookout point.

Drakensberg’s grasslands

One of the most important ecological features of the Drakensberg is its grasslands. The Drakensberg grasslands are among the most extensive ecosystems or floral kingdoms in Southern Africa.