Drakensberg Times – Winter 2023

Click on the following link for the Winter 2023 edition of Drakensberg Times. Drakensberg Times is intended to keep the tourism trade aware of the latest developments in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. It is also useful for the general public. Drakensberg News. A Drakensberg Newsletter.

Drakensberg Times - Winter 2023


Drakensberg Porcupines – or Hystrix africaeaustralis are gentle and friendly rodents; however, they won’t hesitate to turn and push their dangerous quills into threatening beings;

Newcastle, doorstep to the Northern Drakensberg. Newcastle is a fascinating gateway to an important portion of the Northern Drakensberg.

When Champagne Castle was Cathkin Peak, Champagne┬áCastle, South Africa’s third-highest peak, was initially and in the late 1800s known as Cathkin Peak.

Tree Fuchsia is usually a small tree of two metres and is common in the Montane vegetation belt of the Drakensberg. However, these trees can reach up to twelve metres and sometimes more.

Carter Trail is a moderate hike that starts at the Champagne Castle Hotel.

The San’s Marauding Bandits. There is a romantic and commonly held notion that Drakensberg’s San was a peaceful and egalitarian community.

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