Berg Times Summer 2019/2020

Introduction to the Berg Times Summer 2019/2020

Berg Times: Summer 2019/2020 edition

Click on the following link forĀ  Summer 2019/ 2020 edition of Berg Times. This publication is intended to keep the tourism trade aware of the latest developments in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. It is also useful for the general public.

Berg Times – Summer 2019/2020 edition


Firstly, The Tale of the San: A unique element of an incentive or meeting. Different stories regarding a tourism destination and the use of specialist orators who have the art of telling such tales are a critical element of successful meetings and incentives. The Drakensberg is fortunate to be unique in the sense that it has the most extensive and perhaps most exceptional repository of rock art in the world. A core reason why this beautiful mountain range received world heritage site status.

Secondly, What to do on a rainy day in the Drakensberg.

Also, The community of Estcourt and some of the famous skirmishes that took place in the Giants Castle area. This article introduces the reader to the important town of Estcourt. It borders the Giants Castle region of the Central Drakensberg. An overview is provided of the famous Battle of Willow Grange site, Fort Durnford and other tourism attractions in the area.

Moreover, An overview of some of the conference venues in the Central and Northern Drakensberg. This is a continuation of a series of articles that introduces South Africans to the conference facilities of The Nest Hotel and AHA Alpine Heath.

Additionally, Some key summer 2019/2020 events. An overview of the key events taking place in summer 2019/2020.

Some breathtaking Drakensberg Hikes – Injisuthi to Monks Cowl. A synopsis of this well-trodden trail of some 20 km from the Injisuthi Camp of the Central Drakensberg to Monks Cowl. It is a spectacular hike with magnificent views of some of the key peaks of the Central Drakensberg.

Some key tips to consider when taking a walk or longer hike.

Slacking in the Giants Castle Area. Introduction to the concept of slackpacking and the efforts of three leading accommodation establishments in this area to introduce this activity to the Giant’s Castle area of KwaZulu-Natal.

Lastly, A directory of tourism services in the Central and Northern Drakensberg.