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Cathkin Booking and Management Services is a tourism consultancy. Moreover, an accommodation, conference and incentive booking service. But Cathkin Booking and Management Services,  is also a strategic marketing consultancy.  Additionally, this agency is a member of the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry. Furthermore, the Southern African Travel Services Association. But also a member of the Drakensberg Experience.

Additionally, it is dedicated consultancy to assist tour operators. Moreover, incentive organisers, professional conference organisers, travel agencies to select the Drakensberg and KwaZulu-Natal to meet their specific needs.
Cathkin Booking and Management ServicesSPECIFIC SERVICES:
Promotion (particularly e-marketing):
Cathkin Booking and Management Services is a specific promotional agency for the Nest, Wits End Resort and Berghaven. Freelance consultant for Tsogo Sun. Some other properties being promoted include:
  • Firstly, Champagne Sport;
  • Secondly, The Nest Hotel;
  • Thirdly, Highbourne;
  • Fourthly, Dragon Peaks Resort;
  • Willow Grange Country Hotel;
  • Mountain Splendour, 
  • aha Alpine Resort,
  • Ardmore Guest Farm;
  • Cathedral Peak Hotel;
  • Highmore Cottage;
  • Additionally, Drakensberg Dream Estate and Pilot’s Cabin; and
  • Shiriba Lodge a farm holiday experience.
So special proposals for these properties and the broader Drakensberg and KwaZulu-Natal experience can be arranged. Therefore please use the form facilities on this site. Our alternative link is
Specialist tourism management consultant to assist with, managing and increasing occupancies. Additionally, dealing with tourism-related strategic issues, research and to provide guidance to tourism product owners.
Some specific services include:
  • Firstly, focus group discussions and brainstorming sessions to develop focused short and long term business and marketing strategies;
  • Secondly, drafting bid proposals for events;
  • Thirdly, Drafting bid presentations;
  • Fourthly ,E-marketing and management and monitoring of booking engines;
  • Fifthly, web site development and search engine optimisation using “WordPress”;
  • Sixthly, Guidance to establish destination management/ marketing organisations such as convention bureaus and DMOs;
  • Seventhly, marketing presentations and training;
  • Additionally, Marketing research; 
  • Furthermore, Setting up of computer and IT systems for small tourism businesses; and
  • Finally, managing website, social media and e-mail campaigns for product owners.
Cathkin Booking and Management Services Experience
The Managing Director, James Seymour has more than 27 years of experience in marketing research, the tourism leisure and business events sectors. Because he has a range of marketing qualifications. Including an MSc in Travel and Tourism Management from the University of Nottingham.  Additionally, he is also a qualified KwaZulu-Natal nature and cultural guide. Furthermore, more detail can be secured from the detailed site for this agency at Cathkin Booking and Management Services. Moreover, refer to his Linkedin Page for more information.




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Telephone: +27 829255508. But you can also complete the following form:

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