Berg Times Autumn 2019

Introduction to Berg Times Autumn 2019

Berg Times Autumn 2019
Autumn 2019 Edition of Berg Times

This section provides a dedicate link to the Berg Times Autumn 2019. ” Berg Times” a publication, produced by Cathkin Booking and Management Services. This periodical aims to provide the tourism trade orĀ  tour operators, incentive organisers, professional conference organisers and individual tourists with insights into the latest developments in the Northern and Central Drakensberg area, as well its surrounds such as the KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields.


Firstly, The Drakensberg: An African Adventure Capital. This article outlines how the Central and Northern Drakensberg have transformed themselves into one of Africa’s most important centres for adventure tourism. This area has dedicated mountain bike and trail running trails, the largest concentration of hikes in South Africa and so much more.

Also, an overview as to what tourists can, do on a rainy day.

Regular Northern and Central Drakensberg Events an important feature of “Berg Times”.

A detailed article on the hike to Cleo’s Falls and the San burial sites in that area.

A reminder to the reader of the importance of San Rock Art Protocol and the need to preserve these magnificent frescos.

Furthermore, there a section dedicated to conferencing in the Drakensberg. The fact that Champagne Valley or Cathkin Park is regarded as South Africa’s conferencing valley is introduced.

Moreover, a synopsis of the Battle of Willow Grange and the Winston Churchill Capture Site. The Battle of Willow Grange was the first battle fought in the South African War or Second Anglo-Boer War. These sites are on the fringe of the Central and Northern Drakensberg.

An introduction to the village of “Weenen”, the place of weeping. An explanation as to how this hamlet received this title.

The Drakensberg as an ideal incentive destination.

The key Autumn 2019 events of the Central and Northern Drakensberg.

Moreover, a description of some key Cathedral Peak day walks.

A detailed directory of Northern and Central Drakensberg tourism service providers

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