“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Hiking to Cleos Falls: Link to Heln Keller
Hiking to Cleo’s Falls (Source: James Seymour)

Introduction to Helen Keller

Hellen Keller was a particularly special American author. She formulated the phrase, ” “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” This is relevant to the Drakensberg. She was the first deaf and blind individual to secure an academic degree in the USA.

Some of her famous novels were the ‘Frost King’ and her autobiography ‘The Story of My Life’.

Adventure pursuits in the drakensberg

The Drakensberg can be regarded as one of the adventure tourism centres of South Africa.

For example there are a number of key adventure related events such as trail runs and mountain bike vents that take place in the Valley each year. A good example is the “Polar Bear” swim where some 100 swimmers dare to swim across the Dragon Peaks Dam. One of the largest gathering of gliders is the “Wave Camp” that takes place at Berg Air every August. Both the Northern and Central Drakensberg have a Park Run on a Saturday morning. In addition their is a “Cathbrew” run once a month from Berg Air.

Winterton Parkrun: Helen Keller
Winterton Parkrun (Source: Ann Gray)

Some of the key adventure pursuits that you can enjoy in the Northern and Central Drakensberg are:

  • Firstly, hiking. The Drakensberg has the highest concentration of hikes in South Africa. Some popular hikes include Gray’s Pass, the Thukela Gorge Hike, The Chain Ladder, Ribbon Falls, The Blue Grotto, Mnweni Pools, Mike’s Pass and The Blue Grotto;
  • Also, Mountain Biking and Trail Running. There are a number of dedicated trail running and mountain biking circuits in this area. A good example is the 20 km circuit that starts at Berg Air in the Champagne/ Cathkin Valley (Cathkin Park) area;
  • Additionally, hot Air Ballooning. There are two operators in this area;
  • Furthermore, mountaineering. Cathkin Peak and Monks Cowl are but two peaks that are often climbed by mountaineers;
  • Then, E-biking. This trail starts at Berg Air;
  • Scootours;
  • Horse riding. Two important centres for Horse riding at the Dragon Peaks Resort and Drakensberg Sun;
  • Abseiling training at Dragon Peaks resort;
  • White River Rafting;
  • Zip-Lining at Canopy Tours, Dragon Peak Resorts and Four River Adventures;
  • Helicopter Flips from Cathedral Peak and Dragon Peaks Resort; and
  • Paint Ball.

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