Winterton, Central Drakensberg

Introduction to Winterton

Winterton a quint village located next to the Little Thukela River, in the Central Drakensberg of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. A key gateway to the Central Drakensberg regions of the Champagne and Cathkin Vallies and Cathedral Peak.

This small town has magnificent distant views of the Drakensberg mountains, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Winterton is a very convenient location to shop and has several excellent eateries such as the Pig and Plough, The Bridge and the Winterton Country Club.

Winterton - Pig and Plough
The popular Pig and Plough
The Pig and Plough’s fascinating exhibit of old farm equipment.

A commercial centre

There are many excellent supermarkets, such as:

  • The Spar;
  • OK Simmies; and
  • Desai’s Supermarket

Also, there is a range of hardware and agricultural shops, which will meet your hardware requirements.

Winterton also has a renowned car repair business, Johnny’s. Johnny and his sons are brilliant at repairing and panel beating most makes of cars. Furthermore, there is a tyre and brake repair outlet, Tyremart Winterton.


This town was founded in 1905 as Springfield when the Natal Government built a weir across the Little Thukela River.

It later was renamed after the famous agricultural specialist, Mr Winter.


The Winterton Museum:

A small museum renowned for its insights into Zulu history, San rock art and the Battle of Spioenkop.The museum houses a Zulu beehive kraal replica, built by the local Ngwane people. But there is also an excellent Anglo Boer (South African) war library, a history of local farming that includes implements, reproductions of San art and insights into their lifestyle and culture and how it influenced their art. The museum consists of a gallery of San paintings.

Other exhibits feature the Rein-Weston Caravan – in which Admiral Weston toured the world from the Cape through Africa and on to England.


Winterton is also close to the Second Boer War or South African battle sites of The Battle of Vaal Krantz and Spioenkop.

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