The Drakensberg: An African Adventure Capital.

The Drakensberg: An African Adventure Capital.
The Drakensberg: An African Adventure Capital.

“The Drakensberg: An African Adventure Capital”.This area, particularly the Central and Northern Drakensberg, is without a doubt one of the most significant adventure tourism destinations in Africa. Furthermore, this area is thus a centre for motivational meetings, adventure sports get-togethers and incentive programmes.

A wide range of adventure pursuits

The Central and Northern Drakensberg,  is  has a wide range of adventure pursuits. The following list is an inventory of some of these tourism activities:

  • Firstly, abseiling;
  • Also, para-gliding;
  • Thirdly, gliding;
  • Additionally, horse riding and trails;
  • Mountain biking;
  • Scootours;
  • Zip Lining;
  • Hiking;
  • Mountaineering;
  • Rock climbing;
  • Seasonal white river rafting;
  • Mountain biking,
  • Trail Running;
  • Quad Biking;
  • Paint Ball;
  • Fishing;
  • Park runs;
  • Moreover, hot air ballooning;
  • Helicopter flips… and so much more.
Adventure Centre

Moreover, area has a range of adventure centres, tour operators and guides to ensure that you pursue these activities as safely as possible. 

Trail Running Circuit

One of the most exciting developments in the Cathkin Valley area has been the development of a dedicated mountain biking and trail running circuit. This trail is known as Cathkin Trails. Belinda Spence, one of the ‘architects’ behind this initiative, stated, “Cathkin trails was started and now maintained by a few outdoor enthusiasts in the valley. This is purely a community project. The committee does not get paid, and they are actually at the moment the main source of the club’s income.  The club is fortunate at this stage to have some private companies paying the salaries of the trail staff, as well as assisting in the surplus needed for the signs and equipment required for the trail maintenance. This will, however, not be an ongoing situation. The club is very proud to announce that they have five previously unemployed gentlemen that cut and maintain the trails. These gentlemen are also learning a new skill as the paths need to be cut correctly to avoid erosion and dangerous areas to avoid injury of trail users. We would also like to inform all interested parties that we are an officially registered club, we are a registered NPO and we have an independent accountant that monitors the bank account and controls payments with at least two committee members always approving any payment required.”

Use of circuit

“From a LOCALS USING THE TRAILS point of view, Please can we urge you to be compliant with ‘paying your way.’ The rates are currently R20 per runner for the day and R50 per rider for the day. A week’s pass is R200, and the annual fee is R700 . The annual fee allows you use of all the trails whenever you want, as long as you have your board on your bike or your band for runners. Remember, this is for the community, and it is not fair to cheat the system. Please pay your way, be legal and safe. The indemnity only covers paid-up users of the trails.”

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