The Culfargie and Bell Park Community

Culfargie is one of the most significant ‘camps’ or conservation areas in Central Drakensberg. Culfargie and the residents on its border and Bell Park Dam form an important community. This community includes an important component of the AmaSwaZi Traditional Tribal Authority.

Bell Park Dam is a well-known fishing destination attraction. The area surrounding it is also an essential provider of tourism accommodation. The Cayley Mountain Resort and many well established B&B’s such as Bell Park B&B and self-catering facilities are found in this area.

The Bell Park Dam was part of the Killen Farm Bell Park, which was expropriated some 30 years ago. This dam was officially opened on 11 April 1986 The Killen family continue to farm in the area and operate Bell Park B&B.

The D53 accesses this area from the R600 and D277.