Pilot’s Cabin


Pilot’s Cabin is a comfortable, but rustic, set of two log cabins next to the El MiradorBerg Air airstrip, in the Cathkin Valley, Central Drakensberg. The Berg Air airstrip has a restaurant, brewery, craft store and more to come. So It is a fun experience for the family. Please see the video clip.

The log cabins can sleep four people, has views of a game reserve and the Drakensberg. Furthermore, it has a separate kitchen, two outside showers and two toilets.

It is located close to the Berg Air Market (just across the air strip), which is currently made up the Champagne Bistro, The Drakensberg Craft Brewery, a choclate factory and Farmers Friend, a farm produce shop.


Furthermore, just across the road is a 20 kilometer Mountain Bike and Trail Running Trail. One of the most exciting developments in the Cathkin Valley area has been the development of this dedicated mountain biking and trail running circuit. This trail is known as Cathkin Trails.

Belinda Spence, one of the ‘architects’ behind this initiative, has stated, “Cathkin trails was started and maintained by a few outdoor enthusiasts . This is purely a community project. Furthermore, the committee does not get paid. They are actually at the moment the main source of the club’s income.  Moreover, the club is fortunate at this stage to have some private companies paying the salaries of the trail staff. Furthermore, as well as assisting in the surplus needed for the signs and equipment required for the trail maintenance. This will, however, not be an ongoing situation.

The club is very proud to announce that they have five previously unemployed gentlemen that maintain the trails. They are also learning a new skill as the paths need to be cut correctly to avoid erosion and dangerous areas to avoid injury of trail users. We would also like to inform all interested parties that we are an officially registered club. Moreover, we are a registered NPO and we have an independent accountant that monitors the bank account and controls payments with at least two committee members always approving any payment required.”

Additionally, there is so much more to do. Travel to the Monks cowl entrance of the Drakensberg at the end of the R600 and hike. Try your hand at horse riding, hot air ballooning, Scootours, e-biking, zip-lining, abseiling and so much more.


“Wave Camp”, is the most significant event that takes place on Berg Air and right next to Pilot’s Cabin. It is one of the largest gathering of gliders in Southern Africa. It takes place in August.

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