Northern and Central Drakensberg Events

An introduction to Northern and Central Drakensberg regular and seasonal events.

Northern and Central Drakensberg Events: Drakensberg Boys Choir Wednesday afternoon concerts
Drakensberg Boys Choir Wednesday afternoon concerts
  • Firstly, every Wednesday during Term time the Drakensberg Boys Choir Wednesday Concerts 036 468 1012.
  • Secondly, Champagne Valley Walking Club. Tuesday mornings;
  • Also, every Saturday: Winterton park run at 8 am at The Waffle Hut. Cannibal’s Cave park run at 8 am at Lizzie’s Store near Royal Natal National Park;
  • Furthermore, every Tuesday: 7 am in summer, and 8 am in Winter Champagne Valley Walking Club;
  • Additionally, Cathkin Trails for Mountain Bikers and Trail Runners:
    Remember to pay your way to get your wristband. No Helmet, no ride! Remember to sign the indemnity. ; and
  • Moreover, the Cathbrew Trail Run takes place on the last Friday of each month at 17.00 in summer and 16.30 in winter.


12th-13th June: Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School Invitational weekend. Concert 13 June 0364681012

Also, 20th June: Virtual Drakensberg Polar Bear Swim Challenge at Dragon Peaks. Belinda Espag  0837737450

20th   21st June: KZN MTB Gravity events Enduro Championships: Cathkin Trails

7th – 9th Aug: DBCS Parents Weekend/ Internal Music Competition/ Duathlon 0364681012

Moreover, 7th – 10th August: Music in the Mountains at Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School

7th – 15th Aug:  Possible Wave Camp Dates TBC. Hannes 0825512592

15th Aug: Mont – Aux – Sources Challenge. Royal National Park.

4th– 5th Sept: Berg Show. Winterton Country Club. Joanine 0828564368

11th – 12th Sept: Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School Invitational weekend 0364681012

19 – 20th Sept: Run the Berg at All Out Adventures.

2nd – 4th Oct: Berg and Bush Descent

6th – 8th Oct: Berg ad Bush Midweek

10th  – 11th Oct: Berg and Bush 2 Day

19th – 29th Nov: Drakenberg Extravaganza. Various tourism, sporting and cultural events Sphe Mabaso

Furthermore, 3rd  -6th Dec: Christmas in the Berg. 0364681012

Special thanks to Ann Gray for this list of Events