Mnweni Hikes


The Mnweni area is a traditional tribal area in the Northern Drakensberg. Access this region from Bergville. The local community have set up a unique cultural centre with accommodation and guides who have been trained to take groups of hikers on the many trails in this area. The Mnweni is one of the most ruggedly beautiful regions of the Drakensberg and contains peaks such as the Mnweni Needles and the Saddle. Two of the most well-known hikes that start here are Mnweni Pools and the Rockeries.


One of the most popular hikes in this area is the day hike to the crystal clear and turquoise coloured Mnweni Pools. Hire a guide to take you on this trail. The duration of this hike is some five hours, and its distance is approximately 13 kilometres. The walk starts and ends at the Mnweni Cultural Centre. It is essential that you pay to do this hike at this facility and that you complete the mountain register.


Mnweni Pools