Geluksburg, Northern Drakensberg

Introduction to Geluksberg, Northern Drakensberg

Geluksburg from The Ntinwa mountains

Geluksburg, a small hamlet in the Northern Drakensberg. Only some 170 residents live there. Additionally, there are only 15 houses and a few stores! This village is a place of peace and seclusion.

Located approximately 24 km from Bergville. Additionally, it lies between the Oliviershoek, and Van Reenen passes in the north-western section of KwaZulu-Natal. The village lies at the base of the Ntinwa mountains. These ridges provide spectacular views of the Northern Drakensberg. Furthermore, these foothills contain striking examples of San Rock Art. These are not yet open to the public due to archaeological survey work.

The word “Geluk” means ‘luck’ in Afrikaans and ‘Burg’ a town or residential area. 

A Google Map of the location of geluksburg


Geluksburg played an essential role in the history of the Bushmen (San), Zulu, Boer and British. Firstly inhabited by the Bushman. However, they were forced out of the region by  Nguni clans and the early European settlers. King Shaka’s Mfecane during the early 1800s added to their displacement from this area.

One of the rock shelters where the San lived.
San Rock Art
The mountains around this village have excellent examples of San Rock Art


The ‘Lost Valley’  located near Geluksburg was an early settlement of ‘Trek Boers’. This group were a “White Tribe” that lived an elementary life. Some five families lost their way from Piet Retief’s primary group, and as a result sought refuge in this valley. They were very reclusive until being discovered by a journalist in the 1950’s. The journalist observed them living in very simple mud dwellings.

The “Lost Valley” is now private farmland. However, tours can be arranged to see the remnants of the homes of this fascinating community.

The following video provides an interesting overview of the “Lost Valley” and “Geluksburg”.

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