Drakensberg’s Frogs

An introduction to the frogs of the Drakensberg

The Drakensberg has a fascinating community of frogs. Frogs are the only amphibians that are found in this region. The Natal Chirping Fog is an interesting character. They are rarely seen but noted because of their distinctive chirping calls. They are common in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and the Drakensberg. Their colouring is variable from yellow to orange-brown.

Drakensberg's Frogs - Natal Chirping Frog (Nick Evans)
Natal Chirping Frog ( Nick Evans)

They lay eggs in damp vegetation and not pools of water. The tadpoles remain out of the water and wriggle around in wet vegetation. They quickly metamorphose into froglets.

Other frogs that are noted in the Drakensberg include the Golden Spiny Reed Frog, Rain Frog, Drakensberg Toad, Common Toad, Dainty Frog, Heleo Frog, Running Frog, Puddle Frog, Bull Frog, Natal Pyxie, Common Rana, Drakensberg Rana, Striped Rana, Water Rana , Spotted Rana and the Platanna.

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