Battle of Veglaer

The Battle of Veglaer, a Boer-Zulu Battle fought throughout the 13 – 18 August 1838. This encounter under Johan Hendrik (Hans Dons) de Lange repelled the main Zulu army under inKosi Ndlela kaSompisi. The Boers of Veglaer ‘laagered’ effectively (Gatsrand larger), and this helped them to stave off the determined effort of Zulu warriors to defeat them. However, the Zulu were successful in driving the Voortrekker cattle away, rendering the wagons immobile. It is reported that 100 Voortrekkers staved off the attack of some 10,000 warriors over these three days.

This battle site, which is an element of the KZN Battlefield Route, is now below the waters of the Wagendrift Dam near Estcourt. A monument at the dam wall describes this battle.