Battle Cave

The tour to Battle Cave is a guided hike. Book in advance through the Injisuthi Camp of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Central Drakenberg, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.   The telephone number for this camp is 036 431 9000. This cave is one of the few rock art sites in the Drakensberg that is open to the public.

Injisuthi Camp is particularly special as it is situated deep in the Drakensberg. It is also a remote area. You can’t even pick up a cell phone signal here!


Battle Cave, with its wide sandstone overhang, is one of the best-preserved San rock art sites in southern Africa.  The distance to the cave is 5.7 km from Injisuthi Camp. The shelter is fenced and is not accessible without a guide.  The guide provides an interpretation of the famous rock art of this area.

Battle Scene: Battle Cave
The principal fresco in Battle Cave

The most well-known “fresco” shows two opposing groups. Firstly, women trying to restrain their menfolk from entering the fray, arrows flying in all directions. Secondly, wounded and dying warriors. This exquisite painting shows a warrior in full stride, with his bow and arrow poised and a full quiver of arrows. This image is far more detailed and delicate than others in the panel, so one wonders if it might represent a spiritual presence. There is also an image of a San warrior removing an arrow from his arm.

There are a number of intricately drawn other panels. Perhaps the most important of these is a painting of what appears to be Shamans transforming into Therianthropes.

Shaman and Therianthropes: Battle Cave

There are a range of other images and panels of humans and various animals.

Leopard: Battle Cave

Rhino: Battle Cave

Battle Cave Panel

Panel of antelopes: Battle Cave

Eland panel - Battle Cave

Injisuthi is renowned for its spectacular hikes. One of the most popular is “Marble Baths”. “Mafadi”, the highest peak in South Africa is also found in this conservancy. The height of this peak is 3,450 metres.

Battle Cave Hike

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